Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Parents and Athletes, 

There is feet of snow on the ground. What does that mean???? Track and Field is just around the corner. Many of you may have received an email from the Saratoga Springs Recreation Department today about the Track and Field program they are starting this year. I figured I would get an email out to all the parents to help assist you in making an informed decision on your track and field program this year. 

Saratoga Springs Recreation Program
Cost: $65
Season: Mid April-May: $65
The rec program will be managed and coached by high school kids. The practices will be minimal with 1-2 practices a week. The rec program will at times probably get more access to the high school equipment, including the high jump and starting block. The track meets will be no cost to the parents and the kids will get a free rec T-shirt.

Very low key, less commitment

Westlake Track Club
Cost: $100+
Season: Mid March- Mid June
Westlake Track Club will provide more in depth training, significantly more intense training programs. The program is coached by adults that have competed in at the college level in track and field. In addition the coaches have taken additional training to further their knowledge of the sport. Practices will be provided 3 days a week. Additional event fees will be incurred at each track meet the athlete participates in. The club will provide access to limited equipment including: Shot puts, discus, turbo javelin, regular javelin, and starting blocks. Your fees include a $20 membership to USATF, singlet, shorts, and T-shirt. 

Pretty intense, significant commitment. 

Please understand that I feel that both programs can work together to help make Track and Field a premier sport at Westlake High School. I understand for some families that the recreation program will better suit your athlete/family needs. I also feel that my club team can provide an a great avenue for athletes that want to take their training to the next level. 

Westlake Track and Field Season
Pre-Season- Free to everyone that is interested in potentially running with the club
Week 2: March 30, 31, Apr 1
Week 3: Spring Break, Athletes should run on their own

Regular Season- All Athletes must have $100 fee paid before first practice
Week 4: April 12, 14, 15
Week 5: April 19, 21, 22
Week 6: April 26, 28, 29
Week 7: May 5, 6, Track Meet May 3rd
Week 8: May 10, 12, 13
Week 9: May 17, 19, 20
Week 10: May 26, 27, Track Meet May 24th
Week 11: June 2, 3, Track Meet May 31st
Week 12: June 7, Utah State Track Meet June 9-11, Provo High School
Week 13: June 14, 16, 17
Week 14: June 21, Regional Track Meet June 23-25, Bozeman, MT
****Additional Training will be made available to those athletes that want to compete at the Junior Olympics at the end of July. This year the Junior Olympics will be held in Sacramento, CA. 

If you have any questions, send me an email, text, or call. 

Coach Moore
Westlake Track Club